About Us


The St. Jamaica Brand delivers products of the finest quality, and is authentically Jamaican. We are resolute in our commitment to preserving a spirited tradition of quality and excellence from the ingredients to the finished products.  Our teas, sauces, flavors and cordials, processed and baked goods are apart of the traditional Jamaican experience; are of the highest quality- and are oh so good for you too!

St.Jamaica was founded by Robert Kibo Thompson in 2011, in Kingston Jamaica. Kibo, founded the company because of the popularity of his sauce and innovation of coming up with new novelty ideas while improving upon existing authentic Jamaican products. He gave bottles of his sauce to the friends and neighbors and they kept telling him it was great tasting. This inspired him to go commercial with them. Kibo started the business in his kitchen/food lab as he calls it, in order to help subsidize his income and to build great Jamaican brands with great packaging. He spent over 20 years naming brands, designing packaging and marketing collaterals for some of Jamaica's top food and beverage manufacturer, and wanted to really establish great brands of his own from thought to finish.

While making his own mark and contribution to the development of Jamaican Export Sector; Kibo wants to provide an avenue to sustain farming and employment of the Jamaican people.